Sidharth Malhotra likes to travel a lot


Actor Sidharth Malhotra loves to travel “a lot” and says he “learnt a lot” about people, cultures and food during his journeys.

“I like travelling a lot. It’s very important for a person to travel. You get to learn a lot and see a lot, your personality develops,” Sidharth said.

“My father was in Merchant Navy, so I got numerous opportunities to travel to various ports, to go on ships and visit the seas. I learnt a lot, got to see different people, cultures, food, clothes… I think that is what has made me into this personality today,” he added.

The “Kapoor & Sons” actor said that travelling is “essential for everyone”.

“Whenever I get the opportunity, I wish to go somewhere, but nowadays I’m working, so I can’t,” he added.

Sidharth, who was spotted holidaying with his rumoured girlfriend Alia Bhatt in January this year, was asked who he would like to take along on his journeys to make the travelling more romantic.

“All my travels are romantic. The company obviously matters during travel. I like to travel alone at times. If you go on a train ride alone, there is a different kind of romance in it. But of course, for company, I always love to have friends along,” he said.

Which actress would Sidharth like to be marooned with on a lonely planet?

“If there would be any actresses, it wouldn’t be a lonely planet. So out of all the actresses that I have worked with, even if one comes along, it’d be great,” he quipped.

Sidharth has also begun shooting for an action film alongside Jacqueline Fernandez.