Richa’s debut production to be screened in Melbourne


Actress Richa Chadha’s debut production “Khoon Aali Chithi” will be screened at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne next month.

Richa will also give a masterclass on “Women in Bollywood” at the festival.

The short film’s director Rupinder Inderjit said: “Though the backdrop is political, it’s a human story and I have seen people from different countries relating to the subject.”

“Thanks to Richa who has produced and presented the film. It’s finally finding a larger audience and it feels great that now it’s travelling across the globe. I am really excited and now looking forward to the screening at Indian Film Festival of Melbourne for the sheer reason that it’s a different culture.”

Set in 1990s, “Khoon Aali Chithi” tells the tale of a young teenager Binder whose demanding girlfriend writes him in blood but scared of cuts, Binder is unable to reply to her in blood. Hence, she refuses to take his letters written in ink.

Binder’s struggle to write a letter in blood makes innocent Binder fall prey to the political situation of Punjab. As the story unfolds, the question remains – will he be able to write a letter in blood?