I would rather be stupid than pretend to be intelligent: Alia Bhatt


Actress Alia Bhatt, who has been trolled a lot on social media, says she would rather be “stupid than pretend” to be smart and intelligent.

“I would rather be stupid than pretend to be intelligent. A lot of energy is consumed in pretending to the world that you know it all. If you preserve this energy, you can use it to learn. True knowledge in acquired by being on the threshold of ignorance,” Alia said.

She added: “If I don’t know about any singer of the 1970s, I think it is ok. Problem is that it’s not okay if you don’t have an answer. You get trolled for even getting out of your bed.”

The “Udta Punjab” actress says it would bother her if there are no jokes at her expense.

“One day, if the jokes on me stop coming, I’ll be upset. I am either relevant or irrelevant. If I am crossing your mind at any point of the day, I am relevant. So why I should be upset? My father says one day, the flowers will stop coming and you’ll be upset. I say one day, the jokes will stop coming, and then I’ll be upset,” she said.