Piracy is like stealing someone’s property illegally: Taapsee Pannu


Actress Taapsee Pannu, who will be seen alongside Nana Patekar and Ali Fazal in Prakash Raj’s Hindi directorial debut “Tadka”, feels that people should value the efforts and pain taken to make a movie. She says piracy is like “stealing someone’s property illegally”.

On the “Tadka” set, Taapsee along with Ali came across two girls, the junior artists who were watching pirated versions of “Sultan” and “Great Grand Masti”.

Taapsee and Ali were taken aback by the fact that people instead of watching the movies in the theatre are downloading the movie which is free of cost.

They later spoke to those girls and explained to them how much effort it takes to release a film and also requested them to not watch pirated films.

“It was disheartening to see that a few people don’t value the efforts and pain taken to make a movie. I wish I could make them go through the process of making a film and the hardships we face to deliver the final product, for them to know how big a crime they are doing,” Taapsee said.

“It’s almost like stealing someone’s property illegally. I hope they don’t do this again,” she added.

Taapsee and Ali also handed over an envelope to the girls with money so that they could go and watch the film in the theatre instead of smartphones.