We must live with love: Rishi Kapoor


Criticising US President Donald Trump’s plan to have a border wall with Mexico, veteran actor Rishi Kapoor said there should be only one type of bridge between neighbours — a bridge of love.

When a social media user said that the number of likes he got for his tweet on Pakistan Super League is a good sign, Rishi — who is very active on Twitter — said that one should live with love.

“This is the only way — make bridges with our neighbours. Not walls. USA wants go do that with Mexico. An absolute No No. We must live with love,” Rishi tweeted.

He also wonders why some people of Pakistan get his name wrong.

He tweeted: “Pata naheen wahan ke log mujhe ‘Rashi’ kyon bulate hain. Mera naam ‘RISHI’ hai. Aksar ye galati hoti hai. (I don’t know why people from Pakistan call me Rashi. My name is Rishi. They get it wrong most of the time).”

Last year, Rishi came out in favour of Pakistani artists and slammed the decision to ban them from Indian movies.