What makes Neha Dhupia seethe with anger?


Actress Neha Dhupia, who got The Angries award for getting angry for a good cause, says she is irked with restriction on freedom of speech.

She says it is annoying that “despite having the freedom of speech, we still aren’t truly free to speak our minds”.

“It makes me angry to be forced to live with the fact that despite having the freedom of speech, we still aren’t truly free to speak our minds. People and situations around us can be so restrictive and binding that it challenges the core of free speech,” Neha said.

The Angries is a special award by the team of the forthcoming film “The Angry Birds Movie”.

As the name suggests, the film is all about expressing anger, speaking up for right and finding a right way to channel anger. On the same lines, a campaign titled The Angries has been started wherein the birds award celebrities who get angry for a good cause.

On getting the award, the former beauty queen said: “This award is actually a reminder for me to never give up on my effort to voice my opinion, no matter what the odds. Also, it feels good to know that it has registered in someone’s head that I’m here to speak my mind and hopefully one day, I’ll get a chance to do so without any barriers.”

The first celebrity to be conferred with The Angries was Bollywood’s “Shotgun Junior” Sonakshi Sinha, and the second went to radio jockey Malishka.

Neha, who is known for roles in films like “Julie”, “Kyaa Kool Hai Hum”, “Delhii Heights” and “Phas Gaye Re Obama”, has time and again tweeted about the potholes menace in the city.

Taking the basic structure of Rovio Entertainment’s mobile game of the same name, the movie brings the game’s action to the big screen in a witty manner.

In the game, angry but cute little birds fight it out with pigs which have stolen their eggs.