Long drive is my idea of romance: Nimrat Kaur


Actress Nimrat Kaur says she finds going on a long drive very romantic, but she is happy indulging in it all alone.

“My idea of romance is to go on long drives, and I don’t need another person for that. I feel quite romantic driving myself everywhere. I love taking solo drives,” Nimrat, who says she is in a “love affair” with her current car, said.

The actress, who launched the new Audi A3 sedan, also doesn’t let the traffic in Mumbai dampen her desire to drive around.

“The traffic does bother me, but never enough to not take a drive. I feel that as long as you’re smart about not hitting the rush hour, if you do that, then you can enjoy your drive and car, and the experience in it,” added Nimrat, who will next be seen in a web series titled “The Test Case”.

She will be seen doing some daredevilry as part of her role as a woman working her way to take on a combat role in the Indian Army. Often women in such brave roles are seen riding bikes, but Nimrat doesn’t fancy two-wheelers at all.

“I hate two-wheelers. I will never be on a two-wheeler. As a girl, I feel very vulnerable… I just feel scared of traffic and I don’t think the Indian air does justice to two-wheeler riders. I don’t think it’s a drive you can enjoy,” added Nimrat, who said she instead has a “great affinity towards luxury cars”.