Kalki Koechlin aspired to be criminal psychiatrist


Kalki Koechlin says had she not joined the film industry as an actress, she would have been a criminal psychiatrist.

During a question-and-answer session with her fans, one of her followers asked what she would have been had she not become a heroine.

“A criminal psychiatrist maybe, or a patient. Depending how life treated me,” responded Kalki, who likes to go for biking, skiing, swimming in lakes and rivers, and loves switching off her phone when she’s not working.

Kalki, who made her Bollywood debut with “Dev.D” in 2009, is content with her film career as of now.

When a fan asked how she would describe her life till now, she tweeted: “Overwhelming but wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Any plan to go behind the camera and direct?

“Not yet,” she said.

She also shared that she would like to work with “Badlapur” star Nawazuddin Siddiqui someday.

Which other actress does she think is as passionate as she is about work? “Kangana, Radhika, Deepika, Richa, many many more.”

She also replied to questions regarding feminism and also about India’s relations with Pakistan.

Also, how we are confusing feminism with feminazi? Kalki said: “Both. And feminism is the fight for equal rights, sometimes fights get ugly.”

How do you think India can become a more gender equal society? “Keep the conversation going in daily life,” she said.

Her solution for India-Pakistan relations? “More access for common people to visit each other,”

On eliminating poverty in India, she said: “It’s beyond me. But education, huge focus on free and obligatory education for all.”