I’m not an item girl, says Shweta Sharma

Actress Shweta Sharma says she doesn’t like to be tagged as an item girl.

Shweta recently featured in three songs in the investigative thriller “Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein”, a film starring Naseeruddin Shah. But she doesn’t believe in calling herself an item girl.

“I have a serious problem with this Bollywood trend of labelling any dancer as item girl. Some people have even termed me as an item girl but I want to categorically state that I’m not an item girl,” Shweta said.

“Item girls are those who just do a lot of skin show and hardly dance or perform,” she added.

The actress also shared that she always tries to narrate a story through her songs.

“If you see my songs in my last release ‘Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein’, you’ll see that I’m trying to convey a point through my performance with the help of the lyrics of the songs.”

“I intentionally try to choose those songs which give me an opportunity to act or narrate a story and not dance around with vulgar moves,” she added.