A child has no class, creed, religion at birth: Big B

A child has no class, creed, religion at birth: Big B

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who is currently seen as a host on TV show “Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi”, feels that a child doesn’t have any “class, creed, religion or social definition” at birth, but time and region bring rigid definitions into their existence which are then “subjected into gullible minds”.

The 73-year-old took to his official blog to share his thoughts about the “harsh reality” of society.

He wrote: “The child at birth has no class, creed, religion or social definition… it is a child born out of union, out of an identity, out of a lineage that shall ever thrust its presence in its streams of blood that rush with each beating of the heart through gallons and miles of distances through his or her living day.

“Until… time and destination and region and belief take over and bring rigid definitions into their existence… the harsh reality, the pollution as it were, of life, is then subjected, induced, injected into innocent and gullible minds. Minds that shall till their dying days, mostly, remain so… committed consumed and complete.”

The “Piku” actor thinks many out of them have the strength of “questioning the imposition”, however, there isn’t any answer which is “satisfactorily consumable”.

“Many have strength of revolt after questioning the imposition… many succumb and many brave it away… many question their existence in a stipulated environ… many ask why they and why not they, like the ‘other’… many ask the contrary.

“But never does any get an answer that is satisfactorily consumable… and when they have the brilliance to discover this, they endeavour, they strive, they labour, they seek, they submit, they internalise, they achieve and they pinnacle to the peaks that were in their vision, their horizon,” he said.