An electrifying night of competitive dancing from students

Melbourne: it was an evening of great colour, energy and vibrancy at Suzanne Cory High School. The auditorium was packed and overflowing with audience eagerly waiting to watch the electrifying performances by over 85 students from various high schools from Melbourne.

Footscray City College, Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, Manor Lakes P12 College, Suzanne Cory High School, Werribee Secondary College and Marian College were the six contestants.
Archana Koorthy, program director, said the performers have worked very hard in selecting music, editing, mixing, costumes, and makeup. School authorities supported the students in every aspect of their preparation for the big day.

dance4The competition was judged by three notable judges, Heather Marcus, director of Fashion Awards Australia, Jay Karan, director Sapphire Dance, and Lisa George, director of That Dance Place. The audience also had opportunity to vote for the best performing team. The winner was decided on 50 per cent judges’ score and 50 percent audience poll.

Wyndham City Mayor, Cnr. Peter Maynard, who was the chief guest for the evening, was spellbound by the performances from the competition groups. Other guests included Jasvinder Sidhu, Multicultural Adviser to Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews and lecture at RMIT, Wyndham Diwali team, principals, teachers from various schools and other notable community leaders.

In the second half there were great performances by 60 guest performers from local dance schools – That Dance Place, RN-RokerZ, Industry Dance Company, Rachana Natyalaya, Anita Mills and Karaoke songs by The Voice of Australia fame Thando Sikwila.

                                                                          HSDC Awards:
Bdance2est Ballot Box: Footscray City College
Social Media Popularity: Manor Lakes P12 College
Best Costumes: Footscray City College
Best Choreography: Suzanne Cory High School
Best Female Dancer: Rachana Kuncha Koorthy (Werribee Secondary)
Best Male Dancer: Arnav Shesham (Werribee Secondary)
Participation Certificate: Mac. Robertson Girl’s High School
Participation Certificate: Manor Lakes P12 College

Encouragement Award: Marian College

Second Runner-up: Footscray City College

dance3Runner-up: Suzanne Cory High School

Winners: Werribee Secondary College

“HSDC believes that through this competition students will have an opportunity to develop important life skills, such as discipline, confidence, self-esteem and focus. One of the
greatest benefits of dance is that it sparks a student’s imagination and nurtures individual creativity in a unique way” says Raghu Koorthy producer of the High School Dance
Competition (HSDC). (TIW)