183 flights cancelled in Taiwan due to typhoon Malakas


Taipei: Packing heavy downpours and strong winds, typhoon Malakas swept the eastern and northern parts of Taiwan on Sep 17, resulting in the cancellation of 183 flights, local authorities said.

Most of the cancelled flights were scheduled to or from the Chinese mainland, Xinhua reported.

In Taoyuan airport alone, the typhoon had forced 68 flights to be canceled or delayed as of 4.00 p.m., affecting about 12,800 passengers, the Taoyuan Airport Corporation said in a statement.

The typhoon also suspended water transportation and disrupted train services in the north and east of the island on Sep 17, according to local authorities.

The typhoon saw winds of up to 198 km per hour when it brushed the island, said the island’s meteorological agency, which had issued land and sea warnings on Friday and Saturday. Cities and counties including Taipei, Taoyuan and Yilan were affected.

Typhoon Malakas came hot on the heels of Typhoon Meranti, which left one person dead and more than 50 injured when it swept across the southern part of the island earlier. Typhoon Meranti was the most powerful typhoon this year. (IANS)